October 16

6 Common FraudsOrchestrated by Sub-par Cleaning Professionals


1. “Sure, I have adequate insurance…”An **insurance certification needs to have a certain “dollar”amount of worth and it must list the client as “Additional Insured.” There are some companies that will get an insurance certification and cancel it after they obtain the account. These companies usually don’t last long. However, if something goes wrong while they are in the facility, and there is not a current insurance certification in place to take care of the issue, you may be liable to pay for medical bills.

2. “Sure, I have Workers Compensation Insurance too!”It is up to you to make sure that a professional cleaning service is really compliant before hiring them to clean in your facility.

3. Using an Illegal Labor Force.Cheap labor helps the professional cleaning service to charge you less, but the government says undocumented workers are illegal. The facility can be held liable for undocumented workers in their facility.

4. Claiming to have Employees, when really they have Sub-Contractors.Sub-contractors (1099s) and Employees (W-2s) are another issue that can fall under the topic of fraud. There are professional cleaning services that will hire 1099s to start a facility. The professional cleaning service is considered a 1099 in the facility. A W-2 is an employee of the professional cleaning service, meaning all taxes and matching taxes are being withheld by law is a must. The government has a 10-point guideline defining what a subcontractor really is. Most do not fit this 10-point guideline disqualifying them from being true subcontractors. There are professional cleaning services that are up front with the potential facility decision maker that they use 1099 subcontractors. If so, make sure you are aware of who is in your facility.

5. “Absolutely, All of our cleaning products are ‘green’ products.”Most green products at this point in their development are not as effective as non-greenproducts. The buzzword today is “green.” What a potential cleaning company tells youabout the cleaning agents they are going to use and what they actually bring into yourfacility are two different things. You will be better in the long run.

6. “Someone actually said that nice quote about my company…”Finally, be aware of fake testimonials by a potential professional cleaning service, especially a start-up company. Fake testimonials consist of certification in specialty services such as floor care, contracts they say they have obtained, and references that are bogus. Anyone can write a testimonial and put a name to it. Ask your potential cleaning professional for specifics and the ability to contact their testimonials.

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