October 16

Facilities will choose 1 of the 3 options… CHOOSE WISELY!


Facilities will choose 1 of the following 3 options when it comes to cleaning their facility:

1. Use an in-house cleaner. Organizations use the option of someone from inside their company to help them make a few extra dollars or in an attempt to save money.

2. Do nothing. Yes, there are facilities (mostly small in size, few in employees) that will do nothing when it comes to cleaning their facility. Reasons generally include: “It’s not necessary”, “we’re too busy”, or “we don’t have money to spend to have the office cleaned”. Someone may collect the trash on trash day, but that is the extent of their cleaning needs.

3. Outsource their cleaning needs to a professional cleaning provider. It is important to find a cleaning provider that is “compliant”. Compliant means that a professional cleaning service has an insurance certification, workers compensation, and a W-9 that is update and valid as long as the professional service is in the facility. Making sure the service provider is compliant will protect the facility in the case of theft or damage while the crew is onsite cleaning.

There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to each of these options. In house cleaners are easier to find, but often times put a burden on the person the cleaner that can hurt their ‘full time’ job and relationships within the office.

Doing nothing is cheaper, but especially in this day and age appears irresponsible and will negatively effect the employees morale and effectiveness.

We believe the 3rd option of hiring an outside professional is the best choice for most facilities. It ensure the cleaners are trained professionals who clean to make your environment better (not just check a box). It places accountability on a third party which improves relationships within the office.

For more information on why we think hiring a professional is the best choice, give Larry McGuffey a call at (513) 617-2530. 


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