October 16

4 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Service


1. Morale – A clean office will always boost the morale of your employees. A clean office will lead to better production from employees. There is nothing like coming to work and things are fresh and clean. It has been proven that when an office has beenprofessionally cleaned, employees will actually keep their work areas cleaner.Morale makes more money!

2. Maintenance – When hiring a professional cleaning service, the expectation from both the company and the service is to maintain the scope of a customized quote. In doing so, the professional service will train it’s service providers and inspect the facility to insure proper and promised maintenance. Inspection by a professional with a trained eye will help keep the facility as clean as promised and pass along necessary changes to the cleaning crew (supervisor) in that facility.

3. Management – A professional service is not only paid to clean a facility but to manage the cleaning and crew. The last thing you want to do is pay for a professional service and then have to “baby sit” the cleaning crew. Management also includes keeping all compliance information updated with the client, maintaining all cleaning equipment, and making sure that the cleaning crew has all the supplies needed to maintain the promised scope and detail of promised service. It is imperative when managing an account that theprofessional service has a good relationship with the facility manager. Dropping by thefacility with “goodies” from time to time will help with the management of the facility.Proper management will help to create a long-term relationship with each facility theprofessional company services. Every company that hires a professional service wants to believe that their company is the most important to the service. They want personalized service. They want to be more than a number to the professional cleaning service.Management means more than selling a contract. The professional service must go theextra mile for their clients.

4. Mission – When hiring a professional cleaning service, the perspective client needs to hear your mission statement. It must be real, not a sales line. A professional cleaningservice must be honest in all their dealings with every client in order to build a businessand please each client.

For more information on CC&J and your cleaning solution options, give Larry McGuffey a call at (513) 617-2530. 


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