October 4

Some Sad News…


8114 Paul Manors Dr., Suite 100, West Chester, Ohio 45069

It is with a heavy heart that we are sending this letter. As you probably know, we recently lost the patriarch of our family and of Cleaner Carpet and Janitorial. We will forever miss him personally, and it is very important to us that we honor his life and wishes. We are each doing our best to accomplish this; to keep him alive in our hearts. 

We know that he loved each of us, and he also loved running Cleaner Carpet and Janitorial. About 12 years ago, he partnered with Jeremy Holland and Stephen Knox of Fresh Floors. Jeremy and Stephen have known Larry since they were in middle school, and he loved his partnership with them. He told us many times how integral Jeremy, Stephen, and Fresh Floors were to the continued success of Cleaner Carpet and Janitorial.

Given his health struggles, we would often talk about what he would want to happen to his company in the event of his passing. He was unequivocal in two things: first, he wanted his business to survive him, and second he felt that Jeremy, Stephen, and Fresh Floors would be best positioned to run the business in the same client focused way that he did. 

The name of the company was irrelevant to him, what he cared about was providing the best cleaning and customer service possible. He loved Jeremy and Stephen, and believed that they would carry on his professional legacy. With that in mind, the name on the invoices and who you call will change, but the best cleaning and customer service possible will remain.

All the best,

Brenda, Stephanie, Daniel, and David McGuffey

P.S.  Feel free to contact Fresh Floors – Jeremy Holland, text/cell: (513) 616-2812 or 

Stephen Knox, text/cell: (513) 673-0740 for all your future cleaning needs.


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